Jac o' lyn Murphy: I've got it bad...Spring Fever

Monday, March 4, 2013

I've got it bad...Spring Fever

I just took my temperature and the diagnosis is in...
I have Spring Fever!

It was a beautiful weekend, but it is just a tease.
The weather report is looking dismal for next week...

I decided to liven up some 
Pink Lemonade,
 to enjoy over the last few hours of 
warm sunshine...
 (I dipped Dollar Store thermometers in honey and sprinkles 
then into the freezer to set)

I hope it is sunny where you are!

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  1. So cute! You are certainly not pulling out any stops when it comes to creativity. ;)

  2. The best kind of fever to catch! What a fun unexpected idea.

  3. Love it! I think I caught the fever :)

  4. You are seriously the most clever person ever ... where do you come up with these ideas?? I love that! Thanks for linking up to Project Inspire{d}!

  5. How fun! You have a wonderful sense of humor! and yes oh yes I have spring ever bad lately! I found your cute blog on Two Cup Tuesday's!

  6. I love this! I need to make one for my friend who is a school nurse!

  7. oh my goodness! this is the cutest idea! i have the hardest time coming up with something original, but you seem to have no problems at all. Love it!

  8. I saw your link over on the Get Your Craft On linky party and I chuckled! Very cute!

  9. Too cute! I have the fever, too.
    I found you today thru the Linky Party at Southern Lovely, where I'm #145. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  10. cute, i thought they were the results of recently taken pregnancy tests and i thought, why yes, definite spring fever!

    1. I have been laughing over your comment for the last hour! The thermometers do look like pregnancy tests and I am definitely NOT having that kind of Spring Fever!!!

  11. So clever! Love your picture. :)


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