Jac o' lyn Murphy: Homemade Sprinkles...really!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homemade Sprinkles...really!

Yes, I made Sprinkles at home...

I know, 
it seems slightly wacky 
but just look at how fun they are!

It is a little time consuming, 
but it's easy and you are totally in control of the colors.

I sifted together powdered sugar and corn starch...

added milk...

then divided the batter into bowls and mixed in
 Wilton Icing Colors...

 the icing went into a piping bags, with the smallest tip I have
(approx 1.16")

I dotted...

and dashed...
(these are for the "jimmie" sprinkles, just snap them into little bits)

let them dry for 8 to 10 hours and 
Sprinkle like Crazy!

Homemade Sprinkles
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
3 tablespoons milk

Wilton Icing Colors or Food Coloring in your choice of colors

To make the sprinkle batter, sift together the confectioners’ sugar and cornstarch so that there are no lumps. Slowly mix in the milk until you reach a thick enough consistency to pipe (similar to frosting). At this point, separate the batter into small bowls and color each differently with the food coloring. You should have enough for 4 bowl approx 2 tablespoons each.

Put icing into pastry bag with 1/16" pastry tip.

Pipe icing into dots or lines onto parchment paper and let dry at least 8 hours.

and this is how I made the hearts...

Read all about it...

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  1. Love this! I am doing aqau,pink and orange for my daughters bday and cant find sprinkles....guess I will be making some =)

  2. Thats an absolutely wonderful idea !!!! Just love it !!

  3. oooh fun! i just had to share this!

  4. This is awesome and such a great idea! I found your blog through Bloom Designs link party and I'm a new follower!


  5. I am impressed! Homemade sprinkles - I love the control you have the cute littel hearts you made!

  6. Mind blowing, Alexis. Not only is it a cool project (love those hearts!) but your photography is really great. Who thinks of this stuff? YOU!!

    Big hugs!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps: putting in my Friday links, fyi

  7. This looks like something fun the kids could do. I'm following you via GFC. I host Fluster Creative Muster Party on Wednesdays and I would love it if you would come by and party with us. Hope to see you there!

    Hugs, Smiles, and Blessings,

    Fluster Buster

  8. This is why I love you and also why I know you're just a little bit crazy! ;) Those are awesome!!

  9. How FUN!! :) Thanks so much for sharing! Pinning ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Brenda @ChattingOverChocolate.blogspot.com

  10. Who knew! This is one of those posts I read and I really think, I never knew you could make your own 'X'. Then I feel a little silly that I never thought of it.
    What cute sprinkles you made. I like the idea of knowing exactly what was in the sprinkles, since I think store bought are full of lots of junk. Do you know how long they last for once you make them?
    I would love if you would share this at my link party.
    Take care,

  11. How fun, what a great idea.

  12. Well, you certainly have a lot of patience - these are cute, but you will never see me making these :-)

    1. Come on Patti! I never thought I would either :)

  13. What a fun idea! It's great because there aren't any nasty chemicals either. I'm definitely going to be trying these.

  14. Wow, homemade sprinkles, now that's dedication but I like the fact that you know just what you're eating-no additives. Great tutorial. Thanks so much!

  15. YUM!
    I would LOVE it if you shared this in my Spring/Easter Linky Party! You can find it here: http://littlemomprairie.blogspot.com/p/blog-round-up.html

  16. I never even thought you can do this but it is perfect for when you need a certain color and don't want to run out to the store. Just pinned!

  17. What a wonderful idea ~ I love this!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Project Inspire{d} ~ have a lovely week.

    Mary Beth

  18. Love these! And the darling colors! I'm a sucker for any type of make-it-yourself project/recipe so these.. I LOVE! Thanks for sharing!


  19. How cute is this? I love the idea, especially because this way we know there's not a bunch of yucky preservatives in the sprinkles. Thanks for sharing!

    If you haven't already, I'd love if you'd come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.


  20. Seriously... this is so incredibly fun! Will be featuring it on the blog in the morning! Hope you have been doing well!

    Take care,


  21. Very cool tutorial! Thanks for sharing...I'm pinning this to my pinterest board.

  22. simply Brilliant !
    a MUST DO for sure :-0

  23. This is such an awesome idea. I'd love for you to share this over at a link party I'm hosting :D


  24. thanks for linking this up at the Sweet and Savoury Sunday link party, You've been featured!

    Hope to see you there again tomorrow.



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