Jac o' lyn Murphy: College Spirit Stationery...What do your colors mean?

Monday, January 7, 2013

College Spirit Stationery...What do your colors mean?

With the conclusion of the College Bowl Games upon us, 
the excitement of  March Madness on the horizon and 
a fresh batch of college freshman learning their admissions fate... 
everyone seems to have a favorite school and colors.

A friend recently asked me to help her with stationery for her sons, 
when I asked about colors they like she said, 
"How about one in Cal colors and one in Duke colors." 
(thank you Annie!)

and with that my new line of College Pride Stationery was born!

Personalized Stationery in School Colors with the history attached

The University of Colorado, Boulder...

 (and yes it is packaged with a football,
one can only hope for a better season in 2013)

Stanford University...

(packaged with a Rose Charm for their
Rose Bowl Victory)

University of California, Berkeley...

 Duke University...

Who is your team?  I would love to know!

There are more colleges available on Etsy
and I am adding all the time...

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  1. I have a sophomore son (Adam) at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and a sophomore son (Roger) at Brigham Young University in Provo.
    That's my alma mater too, and my husband hails from the University of Vermont.
    I love your clever stationary!

    1. Wow Jenny...2 in college! I definitely need to do BYU...so many blog friends in Utah and I know the school color history will be interesting.

  2. I ADORE this idea! We are Kansas State University Fans! 5 generations, with hopefully the 6th generation coming up in our family. I'd LOVE to purchase something like this. I also know a LOT of Kansas University fans. Is this available in your Etsy shop? I'm new to your blog and I LOVE your ideas! So glad to have found you!

    1. Thank you so much!! If you want to send me your email address I can let you know as soon as the Kansas Schools are ready...my brother-in-law lives just outside of Lawrence and they are HUGE KU fans...GREAT idea :)

  3. I ADORE this idea! I'd be very interested in seeing the line for Kansas STATE University (KSU) and also for Kansas University (KU).

    Thank you!!

  4. What wonderful cards! I love how you take an idea and run with it!

  5. Oh my gosh....brilliant!! With the Alabama vs Notre Dame game on behind me, we are a college football loving family. Ironic, as I was at SMU when we got the "death penalty", resulting in soccer homecomings for 2 miserable years!

    Must blog this! Can I grab images and link to etsy?
    xoxo E

    1. Of course Elizabeth! And SMU is in the works :)

    2. SMU is ready Elizabeth!

  6. How about Ole Miss? Texas A&M? Florida? That would cover all my bases!

    1. Um, Sharon, let me guess, you are from the South:)

  7. Oh my gosh, these are wonderful! What a great gift! I have some serious Ohio State fans in my family that would love this! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!

  8. These look great. Any college student or alumni would love them!

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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