Jac o' lyn Murphy: An Out of this World (not End of the World) 80th Birthday

Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Out of this World (not End of the World) 80th Birthday

My dad turned 
80 on December 21st.

We had a small family celebration, 
and wanted to make sure he knew how special he is to us!

He loves to travel and is a very "worldly guy" 
so we went with a 
"Global" Theme for the centerpiece and place cards...

He is proud of his Northwestern upbringing,
(which is also the subject of many classic stories and memories)
so we also focused on where he was FROM... 

my son hit the jackpot when he found this topographical map of his small town
at the USGS!

and my mom worked on where

colorful pushpins marked their travels over the years...
we had such a good time looking at them all 
and hearing his funny travel tales 

Of course, 
we could not ignore the Mayan prediction of the World ending on 12/21/12.

We made some silly gifts, just in case!

The End of the World Crisco Candle...

my dad's mom loved to cook with Crisco and it is the butt of many family jokes
and this is supposed to burn 40 hours!
Crisco is amazing stuff...

I got the idea from HERE
but opted to just use a tapered candle instead of trying a wick.
(if you need a laugh, read the comments people made on her post, they are hysterical)

and The End of the World Bacon Habanero Vodka
perfect for Bloody Marys after the Apocalypse.
It was smoky, spicy and surprisingly good...

the recipe can be found HERE...

So glad the Mayans were wrong,
Happy Birthday Bob!

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  1. Out of this World ideas Alexis!!
    Background music: and i think to myself what a wonderful world...
    Happy Birthday Bob! It doesn't matter where you're going in this world ... It's who you have beside you. And you all have the BEST!!

  2. What a fun theme for a party! I especially love the map with all of the pushpins for past travels

  3. love it looks like you had lots of fun instead of worry about this day of wonder come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  4. Very cute! Looks like a good time! You are so creative!

  5. Wow, your parents have been all over. That is so very cool. Travel is a wonderful thing. Love the silly gifts. I bet your dad got a kick out of those.

  6. What a fun theme! He was from Kelso, WA? I can't believe he had been that many places! Wow!

  7. Great idea! I am sure he appreciated it.


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