Jac o' lyn Murphy: Just Dance in front of the Christmas Tree!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Dance in front of the Christmas Tree!

With my kids getting older,
Christmas changes.

No picture at the mall with Santa,
no need to tell white lies about how the big man gets down the chimney,
no picking out a Christmas dress for my daughter to wear with tights and patent leather shoes.

They are still excited for Christmas,
but more for the break from school and the gifts.
Unfortunately the "wonder" of it has faded.

At least for now, 
my son still pretends that he believes that there is a Santa 
and loves the traditions of the Holiday.
My daughter is almost 14 and is glued to her phone. 
She acts like Jack is silly for his Christmas Spirit.

That is why I was stunned when Carolyn asked to have a 
Christmas Party, 
actually a 
Christmas DANCE Party!

She wants to have her girlfriends over for 
a festive dinner, lots of laughs and 
a night of playing 
Just Dance on the Xbox!

Just Dance is the only family "game" we can all agree on.
It gets the kids out of their rooms and off of their phones and computers.

We all think we are good, 
especially my husband and I (we are terrible!),  and all tend to get a little competitive.
I love that I can add a few new moves to my very limited dancing capabilities.
The best part of the whole experience is how hard we laugh.

I can't wait to see Carolyn and her friends
 (if they will let me) 
giggling, dancing and letting loose.
I think Santa Hats are going to be a mandatory boogie accessory.

 Lucky for me (and you) that
 Just Dance 4 
is the 
Amazon.com Gold Box Deal of the Day...TODAY!
which means 42% off regular price

It has so many new features that are going to be perfect for the party:

 over 40 all-new songs,  from current Billboard hits to legendary favorites, and 
classic dance party tracks

 The girls can do 6 rounds of dance battles with the new battle mode too.

I am excited for the Just Sweat it Out mode, that has new workout sessions, 
feedback and a calorie counter.

I can't wait to start 
Rockin' around the Christmas Tree...
when the holidays start to stress me out, I am going to

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