Jac o' lyn Murphy: Here's to the Red, Pearl and Blue

Monday, July 2, 2012

Here's to the Red, Pearl and Blue

I love to Tie Dye and we do it every 4th of July
I love the things we have created Tie Dying on the 4th of July,
but don't love the mess!

This year we will be celebrating 
with friends, family and kids of all ages.  
I wanted an easy craft that everyone (even the moms!) 
would love to do and wear...

Red, Pearl & Blue Necklaces

 You will need:
2 jars with lids (10 oz or larger)
Red and Blue Dye
Unfinished Wooden Beads (ours are 25mm)
White Pearl Beads (ours are 16mm)
Stretch Clear Cording for Beads
Clear Glue
(everything can be purchased at Michael's or Joann Fabrics)

Mix 1 Tablespoon of dye 
with 1 cup of hot water in each jar

carefully drop beads in jars...
(we did about 6 at a time)

close tightly with lid and 

when desired color is reached,
(we shook and let sit, shook and let sit for about 10 minutes)
fish out with a skewer or stick and let dry for at least an hour
(and the dye bath can be used over and over,
you may just need to sprinkle in a little more dye)

We tried both Royal and Denim Blue and the results were almost identical...

String your new gorgeous beads with jumbo pearls...

Tie cording in a knot, 
add a drop of clear glue, 
then knot tightly again...

and look at the fabulous necklace I will be wearing on the 4th!

With all of the dye colors out there the options are endless...
Have a great Summer!

I posted these on the Design Dazzle Summer Camp
if you haven't check out all the fabulous ideas go take a look!


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  1. LOVE patriotic looks for the 4th. All the red, white and blue is so touching to see on everyone.


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