Jac o' lyn Murphy: A few Irishmen to drink with on St. Patrick's Day...

Friday, February 24, 2012

A few Irishmen to drink with on St. Patrick's Day...

Rumor has it that some 
Irish like to drink...

I doctored up some shamrock straws
to make drinking on St. Patrick's Day a little more festive...

(Have I ever told you we saw Bono once in the Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge? 
My daughter was 2 and he touched her head as she ran by...  
I was about to ask him to take a picture with her, 
but my husband told me that would be embarrassing.
I am still mad I listened to him) 

(oh and we have the same birthday)

all lined up and ready to party...



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  1. Where did you get the straws? I'm hosting a shower on St. Patty's Day and those would be perfect!

  2. What a cute idea! I found this on Tater Tots and Jello's link party. I'm your newest follower. :) ~ Megan

  3. cute idea!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up http://tidymom.net/2012/st-patricks-day-ideas/

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Just adorable!!!! You share a bday with Bono and I share one with Prince William! If only we could share a party with them!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Dave would have fainted if we ran into Bono somewhere. The shamrock straws are awesome. LOVE this one!

  6. Cute cute cute! I love fun little straws.

  7. why are you so darn adorable? p.s. dibs on liam neeson please and thank-you

  8. Very cute! Did you shape the actual straws as well? And really you should have asked Bono. I met him as well and he is so friendly! He didnt even mind us chasing him down the road for a last minute picture once we finally found the camera after meeting him the pub. :)

  9. Neat ideaqs for St. Paddy's Day. Im one third irish. Im pretty much alone but decorate like a party. Hubby a senior :Danish: no excitement about deco. etc. I love it. Thanks; Any straw pattern????


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