Jac o' lyn Murphy: TMZ Tour!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TMZ Tour!

My name is Alexis and I love TMZ,
so off we went on the TMZ Bus Tour...
(even my mom!)

2 hours of "celebrity junkie" bliss
we saw it all...

Beverly Hills

Hot Spot Boa

the infamous Ivy Restaurant

where Jennifer Aniston gets her hair cut

celebrity shopping haven,
We spotted Cee Lo Green in his car,
the bus pulled over to interview him but I couldn't get a good picture
without being totally obnoxious.

Here we are with our fabulous tour guide (who is often on the show) in front of the bus

and I won one of the coveted TMZ tour shirts
by playing a delightful game called "The Finger or a Wave".
I was thirlled, my kids could not have cared less!

I grew up in Los Angeles and I loved this tour,
if you are in the area you have to do it.


  1. A girls or as the "K-Dash sisters say "a doll" after my own heart!
    Love it!!!

  2. AWESOME!!! I watch that show all the time! I may have to take that tour (I've eaten at the Ivy before and Jessica Simpson's hair dresser Ken Paves was there). Ha ha! Oh yeah, and also Becca from that old show "the Wonder Years." Being Star struck is so fun!!!

  3. What a riot!!! My oldest son is dying to come to LA and "Hollywood". We will definitly have to take the tour!!!


  4. Oh my gosh. TMZ is like one of my top secret indulgences. It is so funny to me and I've see the finger or the wave game on the show. It's awesome. I love that you went on the tour and that you won a T-shirt!

  5. Now you are a Hollywood insider!
    xo Cathy
    ...Looks like those two will be taller than you very soon!

  6. oh .... now you have really done it .... you scare me .... as I'm sure you scared your dear children as you leapt forward to get that t-shirt.... nobody was going to get that shirt except you ... NOBODY !

  7. Excuse me TBM, I won that shirt fair and square, wait until you see it in person, it is AWESOME!


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