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Monday, July 18, 2011

Stephanie and Seleta...the Birthday Gift Part 1

If you are lucky enough in life,
you have a friend that you share everything with.
I was fortunate to meet mine in 6th Grade.


Stephanie was the main influence in starting my blog.  
A fabulous hostess, decorator and flower designer, she was reading blogs 
before most even knew what they were and told me I had to start my own.

She got me hooked on Simply Seleta.
We love talking about her fabulous and fun posts, cute family
and boast to each other when Seleta replies to our comments.
(which she ALWAYS does)

Stephanie's Birthday is this month (and so is Seleta's)
and I was on the hunt for the perfect gift.
Then low and behold,  I saw this and this  and her present became crystal clear.

Steph is gorgeous and petite with dark hair and blue eyes (just like Seleta)
and it would look fabulous on her.

So my daughter and 
 I went on a quest to local TJ Maxx Stores. 
(as my 12 year old saying,
"Does this make us a "Maxx-inestas", like in the commericals?")

Store #1 was a bust but Store #2...

 the same shirt!

oh, and I got one for myself in charcoal grey...

Happy Birthday Steph...
part 2 of your gift coming tomorrow :)



  1. we ALL love seleta! and that blouse is pretty ~ lovely in black and grey too!

    happy birthday to stephanie!

  2. What a fun post! Absolutely adore the navy against that fresh green. Happy Birthday to your bestie, Stephanie!! You are both lucky ladies to have such a lifelong genuine friendship. Thank you for your incredibly generous words. xoxo

  3. I now have to jump over to Simply Seleta and check her out... and I love that you found the *perfect* gift for your BFF. My bestie and I are going on 24 years this year...and that top would be perfect for her (and me!). Guess I'll have to become a Maxx-enista myself!

  4. Sweet post! Happy birthday to the ladies! And TJ Maxx should book you two for a Maxx-inestas commercial!
    xo Cathy


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