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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farmer John with a little White BBQ Sauce...

Tomorrow is our friend Jeff's Birthday.
I happen to know that it is one of his dreams to be on my blog.

We gave him a gift early...
one of the three lovely Farmer John sleeveless t-shirts that 
I won at a street fair.
(Farmer John is famous for the Los Angeles Dodger Dog)
The shirts were a joke and I had no idea that they would be part of the 4th of July wardrobe!

 He is an avid BBQ-er and is usually found here at the smoker.

He is also receiving some of the
that our family is addicted to with our Sunday Night Chicken.

and last but not least some pocket packs of Farmer John 
mints and toothpicks...
(also a freebie)
I know all his friends will be quite impressed 
when he pulls these out after a rack of ribs!

Tomorrow is your day Farmer John Jeff,


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  1. Looks like Farmer Jeff and company will be having a smokin' birthday!
    xo Cathy

  2. Happy Birthday Farmer Jeff! Dreams do Come True ;)


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