Jac o' lyn Murphy: Red, White and Bangle...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red, White and Bangle...

instantly knew what one of our crafts would be for the 4th.
A little Star "Bangled" jewelry!

I altered PC's instructions slightly...

cut small strips of yarn
(about 2" to 3")

gather some bamboo skewers, 

buy 2 sizes of clear vinyl tubing,

 I used the 1/4" and 5/16" sizes from Home Depot...about $2 for huge rolls

get out the hairdryer and baby oil 
(almost any kind of oil would work) 

cut smaller width tubing (at an angle) to desired "bangle" length,

start to thread yarn into tube being careful to not stuff it in too tight,

use skewer to help guide it in.

Once first strand is in,
add baby oil and watch in amazement how it starts to look like glass.

When the oil has gone down the strand,
 you can use the skewer to "jam" it in tighter
(we found if it was packed in too tight at first,
 the oil wouldn't saturate the entire length of the yarn) 

then repeat the steps with your next strand,

it gets a little messy with the oil but 
it is a fun, moisturizing kind of mess that smells good.

When the bangle is full,
cut a small piece of the larger tubing

and insert the ends as far as you can.

My friends in the Home Depot plumbing aisle,
(who were VERY helpful but thought I was a little nuts) 
suggested using a blow dryer on it for a minute or two to help seal the ends

and Ta-Da...
4th of July Bangle Bracelets!


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  1. Wow! Great job! Love it so much!

  2. I did something similar with pixie sticks candy...I used water line tubing (so it was food grade) and attached the ends with a sprinkler connector...kids loved them!

  3. I love this idea!!!
    I love your tutorial too...I'm going to try this!

  4. Truly brilliant and your photos are amazing.

  5. can caroline come over to make some?

  6. Michelle,
    Any time...I got all the goods. It will be very fashionable in Spain:)

  7. Very creative and cute as can be! I will be making this. Thanks!

  8. After this project, I bet your hands are as soft as a baby's......
    xo Cathy

  9. what a great tutorial! love it!!

  10. Hello--
    Popped over from Just A Girl.
    These are too cute! I like that they are "made to fit."


  11. Love these!!!! Any coming to NYC????

  12. amazing! love it! thank you for sharing!! found you via tt & j! :)

  13. what a neat idea!! I'm going to share this on my blog!! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Cool!! Thanks for sharing this one.

  15. These are adorable! Will definitely be making these next year. We're on vacation so I can't get to a craft store.....Thanks so much for sharing this one!!

  16. WOW! this is just great, you could make these for SO many different events and themes! My kids would love these. I see a home depot trip in my immediate future. thanks you!


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