Jac o' lyn Murphy: Pigging out at Pikes Place

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pigging out at Pikes Place

We just returned from a wonderful cruise to Alaska.
Our journey started in Seattle and on the first day we toured 
Pikes Place Market with Savor Seattle,
where we got a behind the scenes look...

As you might imagine, 
we met our tour guide, Eric, at a 
across from the market.

After seeing his curled mustache, kilt and bright pink umbrella 
(so we could find him if we got lost in the crowds) 
my kids got excited for a few hours of fun.

It is such an inspiring place and the message
"meet the producer" 
that is displayed next to the iconic 
Public Market sign says it all...

We saw the wild and crazy guys at
and had a front row view of the fish throwing,
 while sampling a variety of smoked Salmon.

The produce (especially at Frank's Quality Produce) and flowers were spectacular...

We devoured doughnuts (hot, fresh and bite size) from
The Daily Dozen Doughnut stand...

We mowed through the best mac and cheese from 

We also consumed chowdercrab cakes, and chocolate cherries.

One of our last stops...
the 1st 
(well, kind of) 

Savor Seattle's motto is
eat ~ drink ~ be inspired...

They certainly live up to it!


  1. Oh, Big YUM-O! Welcome home from what looks like culinary heaven!!!! Thanks for all your sweet messages.....it's good to have you back!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Welcome back! I'd gladly follow the fellow in the kilt around the marketplace to taste all the treats you did!

  3. Lovely clicks ....

    Thanks for visitng my space n putting in such lovely comments . Enjoyed all ur posts and looking forward for more.

    - Smita

  4. Looks like fun Momma .... can't wait to hear all about it.


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