Jac o' lyn Murphy: Bacon Cupcakes?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bacon Cupcakes?!

As our cruise ship pulled into Skagway, Alaska,
we heard about a fun and funky cupcake shop. 
A little jewel, amid the plethora of jewelry and t-shirt shops.
The most intriguing part was the rumor that 
Sugar Mama's makes a 
Bacon Cupcake!

Unfortunately they didn't have any the day we were there. 
 I am now on a mission to use my limited baking skills and attempt to make one.

We did enjoy the 
Red Velvet and Junior Mint..

the Carrot Cake...
(my kids loved that our ship was the Pearl 
and the cupcake was topped with pretty pink pearls!)

and the Double Trouble Chocolate.

There is nothing better than cupcakes 
with the Alaskan scenery as a backdrop!


  1. Who doesn't like cupcakes?! Want to hear how your bacon cupcakes turn out too. Gorgeous scenery in your pictures!

  2. Anything names Sugar Mama....must be good! Yum-o-la!!!
    xo Elizabeth


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