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Friday, July 2, 2010

Coffee Cake: Love and Guilt...

We love our Coffee Cake.
It goes with us on almost every trip.
It is so good, sweet, easy and reliable.
Someone even paid $100 for it in a school charity bake sale!

I feel very guilty...
There is a new cake in town!

My friend, Irene, made
for a party a few weeks ago.
Immediately afterward, emails started back and forth,
begging for the recipe.
Irene is a fabulous, professionally trained chef,
so I was scared to open the attachment.

I made it today to bring with us on July 4th...
Cafe Beaujoulais describes it as "addictive and wholesome".
They don't serve breakfast anymore and
people still come in asking for it.
It is so simple and delicious.
I was so proud to bring it this weekend.

But then the guilt started to set in.
We are not abandoning you White Trash Coffee Cake,
we are just inviting a new friend!


  1. Can't wait to dig in...the smell in the kitchen is making me drool :)

  2. don't feel guilty, there's always room for more cake! :)


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