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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunset Celebration

This weekend was the Sunset Celebration at the magazine's headquarters.
We are fortunate to live very close by and
it is an annual event our family never misses.
It is a day filled with good food, cooking and gardening demonstrations,
great vendors and so much inspiration in a beautiful setting.
(Every year we get a hand blown creation from dvsglass
to add to our collection. They are virtually indestructible,
look great in a planter and they even float.)
I loved this logo for Cannonball Winery in Healdsburg...
the image says it all
carefree and fun and the wine was great.
(we happened to "share a SPLASH" or two)
The Glam Camping display...

mini tow-able bedroom "suite"

it even had a kitchen!


  1. Alexis,

    We will be back next year and share some more SPLASH!

    The Cannonball team

  2. I love your description of a teardrop trailer as a mini tow-able bedroom suite! We had a wonderful time sharing our teardrop trailer with everyone who visited the Sunset weekend. Thank you for including us in your blog and we wish you all the success you desire!

    Joe & Leslie
    Vacations In A Can

  3. Oh I just discovered these teardrop trailers this summer while doing some random image searches. They are SO cool! The kitchen in the back of this one is sweet! :)


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