Jac o' lyn Murphy: Gifts for the Girls...80's inspired

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gifts for the Girls...80's inspired

I am going to dinner with four of my oldest friends....
girls that I met in the 80's.
We usually do a fun night out around the holidays
and another in the summer to celebrate our birthdays.
As a little gift for each,
I made preppy, 80's inspired stationery in a canvas tote.
These gals were my friends
when navy and kelly green whales were in style,
the first time around!
I slipped in a fun pen and a mixed cd to match.
I compiled songs, from way back when, that remind me of them!
Journey(Steph), REM(Carrie C), Howard Jones(Carrie L), Bonnie Raitt(Molly),
English Beat(Steph), U2(Karen), Michael Jackson(Carrie C), A-Ha(Carrie L)...

(one is in the mail to New York for the biggest prep-ster of all)


  1. OMG do I love these! Are whales really back in style?!! Blast from the past!

  2. Love it! Ask Stephanie about the 80s party we went to last night - it was HYSTERICAL! And....she left her Preppy Handbook at home but totally rocked her outfit!


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