Jac o' lyn Murphy: Tennis Anyone?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Parca is a wonderful local charity that helps people
with developmental disabilities.
Each year the Parca Auxiliary works very hard raising funds
particularly with
their Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show.
This year it was a
"Gathering on the Green"
Gifts for some special recipients.

~Personalized Tennis Stationery Sets~

~tied with a silver tennis charm then
packaged with a white chocolate racket
and milk chocolate ball~

A special gift for the next President...
a silver bell to stop the chatter and get the meetings started!
~and a little tennis ball surprise in the back~
(don't you always keep one tucked in your tennis skirt?)


  1. Adora - Ball! I have had tennis on the brain ---- wanting to post on that. Will have to link this in - Another great score for Alexis!! xoxo

  2. So cute!!! You're giving me ideas for my 10 cap group!!!! :)


  3. how stylish and I loved the silver bell--where on earth did you find that?

  4. This is so well thought out! I love it. Looking back through your last few posts you have really been outdoing yourself! I keep thinking that I'll have to remember that....I'm going to have to start to keep a running list so I don't forget in the future.


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