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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting Crabby...

Every year we anxiously await Crab Season in the San Francisco Bay Area, not only because we love Dungeness crab but because the holidays are near and the Ingram family comes over!
Since he was a baby, Henry Ingram has always loved sitting at our kitchen "counter" while the adults have fresh crab and few cocktails. Our house was built long before the days of "kitchen islands" but it does open into a "great" room and our counter extends across with bar stools. Henry is now 8 and I am sure he has been to countless homes with fancy islands made of marble or granite. Last year I thought about moving the party into the Dining room...I mentioned it to his mom Anne. After a long pause she said,
"I don't think Henry is going to be happy,
he is really looking forward to his usual place at the counter".
Counter it is, I think I am happier there too...bring on the Crab!


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