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Monday, June 1, 2009

"Special"-ist Stationery

This year I wanted to make personalized stationery for the "specialists" teachers that do so many wonderful things all year for my children.

For the music teacher who has so much patience and puts on the most wonderful concerts...
For the Art teacher who is so talented and has the kids produce the most fabulous works of art from a very limited budget...you should see my children beam with pride when she compliments their creations.

For the Science teacher who always gives my son a place to explore and hang out (her science lab) when he feels sad out on the playground. She also has transformed a basic "patch" of dirt into gorgeous garden filled with flowers and vegetables...
For the PE teacher who takes the time to notice the children's feelings and does all she can to make PE fun and fair for everyone.
These are just a few of the wonderful teachers I have to thank this year!


  1. I want to place an order for my daughter's elementary teachers-
    those are sweet and so thoughtful!

  2. Those teachers are going to be hugely touched by the time and sentiment that went into these. Can you believe summer is here?!


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