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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Stationery

I have a great client Paige, who is an event planner. She always comes up with the most creative party ideas and the best color combinations. The first event she used me for was her client Ashley's birthday party a few years ago. It is Ashley's birthday once again and Paige wanted to have stationery and gift tags done for her incorporating hot pink, shiny black and yellow....I put the tags and stationery together in a fun, small black and white "suitcase" tied with hot pink and yellow ribbon.


  1. alexis - i'm so glad you commented and enjoy reading...it has brought me here. i can see i have some reading to do to catch up. your tags and invitations are very nice and the target containers are a must! have a great weekend.

  2. I am working on something for a friend and this just gave me a great idea! The colors are orange and purple! I am off to find tissue and ribbon! Thanks for the ideas!


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