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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slumber Party Fun

This year my daughter's 10th birthday party was a sleep-over at a hotel. Mini flannel pajama invitations were the perfect adornment for her invitations...

I have always had pictures of my children from previous birthdays displayed at their parties but this year I cut the pictures into circles, wrote her age on the back, laminated them and hung them with paper lanterns from the light fixture. It was a surprise for the birthday girl and her friends loved looking at her "through the years".

The girls were excited to watch the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. We printed up ballots and they voted for who they thought would win. They clipped their ballot to their personalized clipboard (we decoupaged the paper onto Staples clipboards!) and followed along with the show. Megan ended up getting the most right so she got first pick of the prizes, then on down the line accordingly...

Carolyn has become a music fanatic so the perfect party favor was a compilation of her "Top Ten Tunes". We had the cd playing throughout most of the party, but the girls didn't know they were getting it until we dropped them off at home. Carolyn beamed each time someone said, "I love this song" knowing the secret!

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  1. Wow, my daughter is turning 10 in August and I would love to have something like this for her, for a party! She loves music and those clip boards are so fun! Her friends would love them.


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